What is Xsens?


motion capture solution for 3D Character Animation consist of Xsens motion capture gear and Xsens’ proprietary motion capture software MVN Animate. Step into motion capture using the MVN Awinda wireless trackers or the MVN Link suit. Xsens is unmatched in ease-of-use, has robust and reliable hardware and produces production-ready data. It is the ideal tool for professional animators.


  • Full magnetic immunity
  • Production-ready mocap data
  • Portable system, use anywhere
  • Pipelines for all major 3D packages
  • Enables height tracking
  • Multi-person motion capture
  • High update rate
  • On-body zippers for easy setup
  • Complete product line
  • Long battery life
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Unmatched Ease-of-use, Robustness and Reliability
In tandem with Motion LIVE’s integrated mocap functions, Xsens is a trustworthy virtual production system, which allows professional studios to capture every critical moment and always perform with results in time sensitive events.
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Multi-character Motion Capture

  • The unprecedented MVN Animate Pro software gives the tracked mocap data correct space orientation and accurate movement distance. Which makes multi-character capture with complex interaction possible.
  • Xsens MVN Animate Pro software can support up to four Xsens mocap sources either from MVN Link or MVN Awinda suites, In this demo case, the left is MVN Link, the right one is MVN Awinda model.

Designed for Intense Action

  • The Xsens mocap systems can accurately capture high-speed and off-the-floor extreme actions, such as jumping, fighting, dancing, or stunts. The systems are perfectly suitable for live performance without data clean-up.
  • Xsens mocap has been used by professional studios around the world for action movies, video games, and other productions that need to break the limit of actors’ action.

Floor and Kneeling Action

Different from optical mocap systems, Xsens’ inertial sensor based tracking technology can effectively capture actors’ floor movements like tumble, roll and kneel without data occlusion, giving actors another dimension of freedom of performing.

Full-body Capture Ready

Through Motion LIVE’s Unified Mocap Interface, the Xsens system can synchronously work with facial and hand capture devices to become a full-body mocap solution. Moreover, the body, facial, and hand mocap data can be separately saved in different layers for further editing.

How Xsens & Motion LIVE Works

Professor James Martin from the Creative Media Industries Institute of Georgia State University introduces the Xsens MVN system and how it works with Motion LIVE and iClone.