Smartsuit Pro

is an inertial wireless, all-in-one motion capture solution that is intuitive to use and affordable for anyone. For $2,495 users will get a professional

motion capture system

that can be used anywhere. Faster to set up than any other system on the market, robust and durable to withstand close-contact and active use, and a high-touch support team always available to ensure the best user experience. With the Smartsuit Pro, character animation is definitively democratized.
Rokoko Smartgloves can capture the full spectrum of an actor’s hand performance, giving VFX, VR, game and digital artists a faster way to create character animations.
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  • Quick setup time, less then two minutes.
  • Durable hardware that can withstand any condition
  • The system is mobile, no studio or cameras are required
  • Smartsuit Studio software suite included at no extra cost
  • Supports multi-person capturing
  • Real-time streaming via WiFi at 100 fps
  • Adjustable full body textile suit made from breathable sportswear (comes in four sizes, S, M, L and XL)
  • 6 hours battery life on 5000 mAh via USB
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Expert story with TokoMotion

Empower creativity with
iClone and Smartsuit Pro

Bring Your Characters to Life in No Time

With the Smartsuit Pro and Motion LIVE , animators, character creators, and designers get the most powerful, yet simple and accessible tools on the market. Everyone can now bring characters to life in no time.
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Character Casting

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