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Animating 3D finger and hand motions are notoriously difficult, and the price of professional quality tracking devices has historically been out of reach for the vast majority of creators. With Rokoko Smartgloves, a new era begins with professional, quality finger and hand tracking for less than $1,000. Time to start creating!

  • Highly accurate hand mocap
  • Standalone - use anywhere
  • Light and comfortable
  • Precise tracking of wrist, thumb and fingers
  • Freely spread fingers
  • Smartgloves sizes come in S, M, L and XL
  • 6 hours of operation time with 5000 mAh
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* Customers who've updated to Rokoko v1.19, and wish to live stream mocap data, will need to acquire "Data forwarding to plugins". Please refer to the Rokoko price plan .

Compatible with All Mocap Devices for Full Body Tracking

Rokoko Smartgloves are standalone, and therefore can combine with other body mocap hardware through the Motion LIVE plugin to form a full performance capture system, such as Perception Neuron, Rokoko or Xsens mocap suits.

Body Mocap Hand Mocap

See How Rokoko SmartGloves work with iClone

Superb Finger Accuracy

Create accurate hand gestures with wrist rotation, or generate delicate finger movements such as waving, spreading, clenching, and even arching. You can save and reuse the captured hand gestures as .iHand files and build your own animation library. Manual >

Adding Hand Gesture to Body Motions

Add hand capture to existing body motions from either the motion library, or from realtime body mocap. It's the fastest way to insert highly natural hand movements to any motion source. Get access to thousands of body mocap from ActorCore.

Getting Started

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Rokoko's motion capture tools, Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves with the iClone Motion LIVE plugin to create unique 3D animations in real-time.