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Qualisys is a leading provider of motion capture technology with a 30-year history of supplying entertainment, research, engineering and sports facilities with high-end camera systems and expertise in capturing and analyzing movements.
Qualisys hardware is designed to be reliable, easy-to-use and high performing. With the possibility to capture indoors, outdoors, and underwater motions - Qualisys hardware is truly the most versatile optical mocap technology in the market. Their cameras also have the ability to record high-speed, high-resolution calibrated videos that capture both active and passive marker data, making Qualisys technology suitable for any measurement application.

Hardware Features

  • Up to 12 Megapixel resolution
  • Low latency for real-time applications
  • Active filtering for outdoor captures
  • Passive & active marker support
  • Water resistant IP67 housing
  • Daisy-chaining (no switch required)
  • Combined power and data cabling
  • In-camera marker masking
  • Silent operation
  • Wide field of view
  • Underwater capture capabilities, pressure tested to 40 meters of depth
The Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) is a one-stop-shop for all motion capture needs, tracking movement data for human motion research within sport biomechanics, rigid body data from drone swarm and other robotics studies, and high-quality skeletal data for AAA games. The software integrates and syncs with force plates, EMG, eye trackers and a number of other devices.

Kinematic solver: QTM uses a proven and very robust inverse kinematics solver that is capable of dealing with occluded markers in challenging multi-character takes. By using the pre-defined animation markerset in QTM, the user can seamlessly capture and stream live skeletal data. Simply apply the pre-trained AIM model, stand in a T-pose to fit the skeleton, and the real-time solver will start streaming skeletal data to your application of choice - including iClone's Motion LIVE!

Software Features

  • Easy trajectory editing
  • Skeletal data
  • Rigid body data (6DOF)
  • Watch tracked objects interact
  • Marker / High-speed video data
  • Real-time streaming
  • Open Source SDKs
  • Control an object both in the real and virtual world
  • Track and stream multiple bodies simultaneously
  • AIM* - Automatic Identification of Markers

*Qualisys unique AIM system allows you to easily identify markers regardless of marker set. Just define your model, feed it with sample motion data and you are ready to go.

Capture, Measure and Analyze Motions
Qualisys supports indoor, outdoor and underwater mocap that benefits anyone interested in getting objective information on how things move.
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Underwater Human Motion

  • Qualisys Underwater cameras are the world’s only optical motion capture cameras for underwater use, opening up the possibility to capture aquatic human motions.
  • Their motion capture technology allows you to capture biomechanical movements above water, underwater, or in a combination of both for a variety of uses such as; swimming and sport performance, rehabilitation and gait analysis, and underwater animation.

Outdoor Mocap

  • Get to the next level with the world’s fastest mocap camera, offering unparalleled 3.6 gigapixels per second. With low-latency output and sub-millimeter accuracy at distances of up to +35 meters, it’s easy to see why Qualisys are the preferred choice in sports science and biomechanics.
  • Qualisys cameras are able to track anywhere - even in instances of extreme sunlight. The software automatically processes the data collected for immediate results.
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