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Industry leading precision motion capture and 3D tracking systems for video game design, animation, virtual reality, robotics, and movement sciences.
Global Positional Accuracy with Zero Drift
Track numerous actors and props simultaneously with globally accurate data, for a simple post-processing workflow and natural interactions between your performers.
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Massive Capture Range and 3D Scene Interaction

  • OptiTrack cameras offer the best range in the industry with the ability to support capturing volumes over 100 feet and use more than 150 cameras.
  • View animated CG actors in real-time in iClone’s 3D space. Match the 3D space with the real stage, props and set for precise previsualization and virtual production.

Multi-actor Capture for Interactive 3D Actors

  • OptiTrack cameras can track numerous actors and props simultaneously. Reallusion iClone Motion Live and OptiTrack Motive capture and visualize 3D characters and scenes in real-time. Motion actors can transform into their 3D characters with iClone and accomplish precise set interaction with other 3D actors. Equip virtual accessories, add interactive physics effects and record everything with Motive and iClone to capture data and previz in one session.
  • Producers, Directors and crew can view the capture in real-time with iClone. Directors can intuitively guide actors using the live 3D view of the capture inside iClone. Live capturing with iClone saves time, cost of re-capturing, and additional post-editing.

Designed for Intense Action

  • The high-speed OptiTrack cameras can capture extreme actions, perfectly for off-the-floor motions such as jumping, fighting, parkour, or stunts with global positional accuracy.
  • The OptiTrack mocap system has been used by many professional studios around the world for action films, sports, video games, education, and other productions that need to capture intense motions within a large space.   More >