How to Use the iPhone X for Face Mocap?
The iPhone X facial motion capture works iClone Motion LIVE with the exclusive TrueDepth camera system powered by sophisticated high-res sensors. The iPhone X tracks faces with a depth map and analyzes subtle muscle movements for live character animation. The Reallusion LIVE FACE App enables the iPhone X to live stream captured facial mocap data directly to a PC or Mac, transforming the iPhone X into a powerful 3D biometric mocap camera.


  • The TrueDepth Camera projects and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of the face.
  • Analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror expressions.
  • Highly sensitive to the details, like rotating eyeballs and tongues.
  • Works with different skin colors and extreme light conditions.
  • Strong A11 Bionic chip to totally release a computer's CPU resource, sending analyzed mocap data instead of full image frames.
  • Runtime Calibration: on-the-fly calibration without pausing the face tracking process.
  • Improved Stability: less likely to require mocap data cleanup.
  • Supports both WiFi and USB connection.

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iPhone X can live stream analyzed facial data instead of full image frames to free up CPU loading.

High Precision and Environment Tolerance

Combine the LIVE FACE app on the iPhone X with Motion LIVE to create incredible 3D facial animation for performance capture, live TV, and virtual hosts for YouTube and web streaming.

Note: To enable the

iPhone facial motion capture

process, please install the LIVE FACE Profile in iClone Motion LIVE and LIVE FACE App on the iPhone X.   Workflow >    Quick Guide >


iPhone X Gear Profile For Motion LIVE Plug-in


iPhone X Face Motion Capture App

*Compatible with iPhone X only. More>


Perform to Create Facial Animation

  • Connect iPhone X to a PC through shared WiFi, Hotspot, or USB cable.   More >
  • Accurately drive character facial expressions including: head angle, brow movement, eyeball rotation, jaw open, and other 50 facial muscles.

Deal with Low Light and Skin Tone

  • In a real capture environment, such as in live event or using the iPhone X for head mount, it’s hard to control the light condition.
  • Highly accurate with various skin tones.
  • Work under low light, backlight, or dynamic lighting condition.

Flexible Capture from Different Angles

  • Ideally, accurate mocap is done with the iPhone X right in front of the face, but that's not always possible. For this we provide the Zero Pose function for the best possible capturing results.
  • No matter where you place your iPhone, the unique Zero Pose design will quickly recalibrate the angle offset of the face, and accurately standardize the facial tracking in one-click!   More >

Tracking Data Inspector

  • Track up to 58 face signals.
  • Instant, dynamic feedback. These meters let you view the source tracking data in real time.   More >
  • Observe the relationship between a neutral facial expression and the real-time data stream to remove the initial appearance offset.
    More >

Support Multiple Character Capture

  • Connect with up to four iPhones and capture multiple facial performances.   More >
  • Create live interaction or natural dialog between characters for live capture of live events or animation production.

Feature-based Facial Strength Filters

  • Control the signal input strength, globally or individually; for brows, eyelids, eyeballs, mouth, jaw, cheeks, and head rotation.   More >
  • Easily capture stylized characters with the proper strength settings when toning down or exaggerating animated features.
  • Save your fine-tuned settings for specific characters, in a custom library.

Custom Capture Profiles

  • Define your own expression style with facial muscle sliders and save it as a Custom Capture Profile.    More >
  • A default capture profile with 58 facial muscle sliders optimized for iPhone Face IDs.
  • Take advantage of the Search function to quickly locate morph sliders.

Synchronous Audio Recording during Facial Capture

  • Optionally record audio with the face capture session. *   More >
  • Recorded audio generates lip synch data.
  • Blend lip-synch and

    facial motion capture

    to create the best result.

* An extra microphone is needed