Plug-in for iClone

Motion LIVE

Unified Motion Capture for Face, Body and Hand

Motion LIVE Plug-in for iClone is a full body

motion capture

platform that connects motion data streams from multiple industry leading

mocap devices

, to simultaneously animate 3D character faces, hands and bodies. Motion LIVE is ready to animate fully-rigged 3D characters from Character Creator, Daz Studio, Hivewire or from any other industry standard sources. Motion LIVE’s unprecedented easy workflow saves time and budget for

virtual production


performance capture

, live tv show, and web broadcasting. Motion LIVE's UI Overview

Users can connect their motion capture hardware (Gear) to iClone through Motion LIVE by using a specific "Profile" for their chosen hardware. (Required software: iClone, Motion LIVE, Gear Profile) Additionally, users can choose to export their animations as FBX or BVH through the 3DXchange Pipeline. Required Tools >
What is iClone?
iClone is a real-time

3D animation software

that includes character animation, scene design, cinematic storytelling and much more, in one real-time engine.
Visit iClone’s Page >

Amazing Features

Impersonate the Optimal Acting Performance

  • By seeing the animation from the exact virtual character, performers can best adapt their movement to the avatars' body shape, and effectively improve their acting style.
  • Directors can easily judge the validity of captured motion, and give best acting instructions.
  • Get it right and move on! Remove the guesswork, or excessive post capture editing.

Synchronous Full-body Motion Capture

  • Live-perform full character animation including face, body, and fingers.
  • Synchronously capture motion data streamed from different gear, saving data in separate motion tracks for further editing.
  • Single interface to live preview animation, start / stop data recording.
Motion Capture for Multiple Characters
Multiple Mocap Devices to Multiple Characters
  • Combine mocap devices from different vendors in one mocap project.
  • Flexible character control via simple character to gear mapping.
Same Mocap Device for Multiple Characters
  • Same mocap gear can control several virtual actors.
  • Fast way to create team animation like military parade, or group dance.
Public Events and TV Shows
Live Character Performance
  • New Full-Screen Mode to hide the user interface and project the live show on a dedicated screen.
  • Use Preview Mode to infinitely stream the mocap data for live animation, or let the virtual character interact with audience.
Virtual Characters for Broadcasting
  • Immerse virtual actors with real video footage via green screen chroma-key (software or hardware).
  • Provide Light-matching and Color-toning for optimal composite effects.

Capture Natural Hand Gestures

  • Add natural hand gestures to existing moving characters.
  • Optional Forearm, Wrist and Finger animation based on device support.
  • Supporting data gloves and the Leap Motion Controller.

Motion Masking & Multi-pass Recording

  • Be able to separate mocap sessions and layer them together. For example, adding hand capture to an existing body mocap project, or adding facial expressions to a character that only has body animation.
  • Option to blend motions by masking out unwanted body parts. For example, combine the upper body animation with another motion’s lower body movement.
Flexible Character Position and Orientation
Mocap Data Location
  • Keep the exact mocap facing and orientation in the 3D scene.
  • Retain the absolute spatial relation between multiple mocap characters.
iClone Location
  • Freely reposition mocap characters in the 3D scene.
  • Move or rotate characters while conducting live performance.

Retarget Motion Capture to Different Character Sizes

Built with the same Human IK technology from Autodesk Motion Builder, iClone Motion LIVE can real-time retarget captured motions to 3D characters with different body scales, regardless of the performers’ sizes. The character's footsteps can be maintained without sliding.

Mocap Data Mirror

Quick way to switch left and right mocap data. This function is useful to mirror motion data to opposite characters in the screen view. The result can achieve multiple characters with symmetrical motions.

The Largest Mocap-ready Character Library

  • Quickly get access to thousands of fully-rigged characters from the Reallusion Content Store and Marketplace.
  • Each character is full-body rigged, and includes 60 facial morphs for lip-sync and emotional expressions.
  • Animate standard characters made by Character Creator.

Import Custom 3D Characters

  • With 3DXchange’s built-in characterization panel, convert custom characters into iClone via FBX format. The newly converted characters will be able to work with thousands of iClone motions.
  • Concise facial pose mapping guide for audio lip-sync and professional facial feature performance.

Mocap Data Cleaning and Motion Refinement

  • iClone to smoothly connect motion clips with foot and root alignment.
  • iClone Motion Layer tools to correct posing offset.
  • Curve Editor to enhance motion data.
  • Remove data noise, jitter, or fix foot sliding.
  • Edit motion curve for dramatized velocity or natural ease-in-and-out.

Export to Game Engines and Animation Tools

  • FBX Export 3D characters and animation data to game engines via 3DXChange Pipeline.
  • Directly support Unity Mecanim and Unreal UE4 character rig for instant animation control.
  • Full facial morph export for further facial editing in game engine.

See What You Will Need

Mocap Device
Motion LIVE supports different types of mocap devices for hands, face, and body.
Connect your Device
You will need to purchase a specific “profile” key for your specific mocap device.
Capture your Motions
Motion LIVE will help you simultaneously capture and combine motions from different mocap devices/solutions.
Mix & Edit your Motions
iClone’s multi-track motion timeline helps you mix, edit and blend face, body and hand captured animations in one tool. More >

*Requires V7.22, and above
Export Motions / Characters
With 3DXchange Pipeline you can convert and export your custom motions to other 3D tools or Game Engines. (FBX, BVH) More >

*Requires 3DXchange Pipeline
Gear Profiles for
Both 2D and 3D Motion Capture
Add Your Devices to Motion LIVE

Do you wish to get your hardware integrated with Motion LIVE?
Contact Us and get the Python API.

Gear Profiles for Both 2D and 3D Motion Capture


Buy 1 & Get 2 Gear Profiles

Exclusive value with any purchase of the Mocap Gear Profiles (Software) for iPhone, Leap Motion and Perception Neuron gear profiles and bundle packages from the Reallusion Store. For every purchase you will get 2 mocap profiles each for Motion LIVE 2D and Motion LIVE 3D plugins. Start your LIVE 2D Mocap Animation today.  Learn More


Motion LIVE 3D and Motion LIVE 2D are two separate plug-ins for iClone 7 and Cartoon Animator 4. The Mocap Gear Profile requires you to have Motion LIVE 2D or Motion LIVE 3D installed first. For any previous purchase of the Mocap Gear Profiles for iClone Motion LIVE 3D, you will be eligible to claim your copy of the Mocap Gear Profile for Motion LIVE 2D. Login to Claim My Copy


Supported Mocap Gear Profiles for Motion LIVE 2D & 3D

Currently there are 3 Mocap Gear Profiles available for both Motion LIVE 2D and 3D. These include iPhone Profile, Leap Motion Profile, Perception Neuron Profile. Please Contact Us if you with to get profiles for other mocap gears. More Information about Motion LIVE 2D and Motion LIVE 3D.