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Perception Neuron

Film Production - Schirkoa

"I find iClone quite handy, as many motions in my film Schirkoa were recorded with the mocap suit."

TV Commercial - Findus Sofficini

"Carletto Sofficini is our first production with iClone and Perception Neuron. We’re very satisfied with the results, and see real-time production as exciting alternative method for 3D animations"


"Not that long ago the only filmmaker who got to do this was James Cameron when he made Avatar!"

Live motion capture and real-time animation combine in a virtual production workflow enabling anyone to turn their vision into reality. 3D character creation, motion editing, facial animation and lip-sync inside iClone now adds the Perception Neuron for a complete virtual production studio. The Perception Neuron with Motion LIVE solution offers a real-time Character Animation Platform that can be exported to game engines, or 3D applications using a pipeline that can thread into any studio workflow for filmmakers or indie creators.

Perception Neuron with Motion LIVE solution







Mocap Anywhere, Anytime

High Mobility & Effective Capture Range

A fully modularized design fits everything in a compact, bag-padded box that takes less than 10 minutes to wear and setup. It supports both USB cable and WIFI wireless configurations, with an effective capture range of up to 250 meters outside.

Superb Finger Accuracy

Hand gesture and finger movements are an integral part of the entire body performance, making the Perception Neuron system highly effective as animators do not need to employ additional systems for finger tracking. Noitom Perception Neuron is the only mocap system that is able to live stream highly detailed hands and finger movements, giving your whole animation smooth and unconstrained results. 

Benefits of Live Capture Performance Animation

Live Events

Real-time live capture has been well adopted by TV networks, tradeshows, and stage performances, as it brings a high level of virtual actor and audience interaction. By combing Perception Neuron and iClone, you can now turn a 3D character into a live virtual actor, allowing you to instantly impress any target audience.

iClone mocap live performance

Embody your Characters & Scenes

For a successful capture, your actors should act according to the 3D character’s gender and body scale. Thanks to iClone, actors will have instant visual feedback on how the final character behaves everytime. You can also set up the environment which can guide your actor on how to avoid collision, and physical interaction with props.

Flexible Motion Recording

Record via Motion File Stream

iClone users can choose to live stream mocap data directly from the AXIS Neuron Software, or stream from a pre-recorded BVH motion file. This gives the flexibility of starting and stopping motion capture anytime, getting the best mocap results from several recordings.

Direct iClone Motion Recording & Retargeting

The iClone Mocap Plug-in allows you to directly stream motions from the AXIS Neuron software into iClone to save as an iClone iMotion File, allowing you to by-pass additional efforts to characterize the BVH mocap data for a specific 3D actor. Moreover, motions can also be retargeted to the characters with different body scales.

Facial Tracking and Multi-Character Mocap

Give Two Actors Real Interaction

By targeting two characters from the same starting point, the instant dual-performance gives actors immediate productivity for complex interactive animations like communication, dancing, or fighting which would be extremely difficult and very time consuming via a post-motion editing method.

Multi-Character Capture with Flexible Scene Positioning

  • Up to five simultaneous Perception Neuron captures.
  • Mocap Data Location: accurate representation of spatial relation between mocapped actors. More >
  • iClone Location: freely reposition mocap characters in the 3D scene during recording. More >

Synchronous Body and Facial Capture using Motion LIVE

Works for All 3D Characters

Create with Character Creator

Designing unlimited 3D characters for real-time animation is now incredibly easy! With Character Creator (CC), you can create realistic-looking, stylized, or hybrid, animation-ready 3D characters. Unique character designs are created through the use of shape morph sliders, customizable high-resolution skin textures, and outfits with clothing containing your own fabric designs. 

Motion Refinement & Editing

From Slowed Down Captures to Exaggerated Motions

While motion capturing, actors tend to move a bit slower than in real-life. You can always make adjustments through the iClone Motion tools and Motion Curve Editor to easily adjust to the original speed and energy for high impact results.

Motion Refinement & Motion Blending

If your original mocap is not exactly what you expected, then iClone can help as it provides you with a timeline-based Motion Layer Editor that can refine any selected joints to produce the motions you wish. You can also trim and loop mocap data, and smoothly blend motion clips together with advanced foot step alignment capabilities.

mocap - iClone mixmove