Overview & Quick Setup - Out of the Box

  • Faceware Realtime for iClone Overview
  • iClone Mocap Plugin Overview
  • Static Camera Character Preview
  • Head Mounted Camera Character Preview

Faceware Realtime for iClone

  • Camera Framerates for Mocap
    Camera / Sequence Select and Options
  • Face Tracking Models
  • Tracking Limits
  • Using Grid Overlay for Head Position and Orientation
  • Calibration

iClone Facial Mocap Plugin

  • Quick Start: Faceware Calibration
  • Quick Start: Character Select and Preview
  • Expression Mapping Panel Overview
  • Tracking Data Inspector
  • Blend Data on Next Recording
  • Adding Global Expression Strength

Facial Mocap for Lipsync

  • Calibration for Lipsync
  • Using Mouth Strength Sliders
  • Lip Options Track and Viseme Editing
  • Using Face Key to Modify Mocap Lipsync
  • Using Global Viseme and Expression Strength

Png Sequence for Facial Mocap

  • Using iClone to Make Image Sequences
  • Loading Image Sequences into Faceware Realtime for iClone
  • Image Sequence Framerate Function


  • Faceware Realtime for iClone Headcam Settings
  • Camera vs User Feature Framing
  • Loading HeadCam.json Parameters in iClone Mocap Plugin
  • Using Headcam Recorded Png Sequences
  • Hardware and DIY Rig Recommendations

Facial Mocap Real Practice

  • Performance for Facial Mocap
  • The Need for Controlled Performance
  • Recap of Audio Recording / Tongue Motion Generation
  • Recap of Mocap Plugin Settings
  • Introduction to Post Editing
  • Final Example Description and Conclusion

Facial Mocap Calibration Advanced

  • Calibration Recap
  • Calibration for Lipsync Recap
  • Effects of Using Different Calibration Expressions
  • Improving Animation Range for Characters
  • Improving animation Range for Users
  • Summary and Workflow Recommendations

Facial Mapping Advanced

  • Static Expression Editing
  • Live Expression Editing
  • Faceware's Expression Set and the Tracking Data
  • Faceware Recommended vs StaticCam/ HeadCam json Editing
  • Testing Workflow

Morph Editing Advanced

  • Modifying Facial Animation Morphs for Unique Effects
  • Facial Animation Morph Modification Workflow
  • Modelling for Animation to Improve All Animation Morphs
  • Modelling for Animation Summary